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Julia George Born in May 22nd yr84" Is a Asian American who is an American Citizen and the Author of the book Amala - A Life On Lockdown. She lives in Los Angeles, in a boring town known as Lomita. Loves India and the rich heritage and cultures and vibes of India.
        She has done three International Films So far.
        She wrote this first book in a span of 7 hours. So is requesting all fellow author come proofreader fanatics out there lay Their proof reading skills down and have fun and enjoy the story. Readers will surely know why the book is scripted the way it is, when they actually read through the book. Hope you enjoy my first attempt and Someday hoping that Amala- A life on Lockdown will be featured as a world famous film.

Amala a life on lockdown is a series now catch the whole story 

Author Ms. Julia George is proud to support Awareness of Global awareness towards Womenhood & Health. Ms Julia continues to support the awareness campaign with any fractions of profit she get from her book.

There are several women abused and helpless around the globe. Many are unfortunate to have a caring and loving family where a few women are considered worthless and unwanted. 

This Book represents those women.

Please purchase the copy of a successful book 

with a good mission in mind.

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